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E.M. Powell on Triberr!

My guest today is Elaine Powell, who writes as E.M. Powell, bestselling author of the Fifth Knight Series. The debut in this series of historical thrillers, The Fifth Knight is a take on Thomas Becket's murder in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170, where a fictional fifth knight is added to the four who history relates murdered Becket. You can find out more about Elaine and her novels at the end of this post, in her bio.

I've got to know Elaine recently through the Historical Novel Society, as I'm in the process of setting up a social media team for the HNS; and Elaine kindly accepted when I asked if she'd be interested in managing the HNS Twitter and Facebook accounts on Mondays. Elaine really knows how to use social media, and she finds great, varied content on history and historical fiction to share on behalf of the HNS. I've been managing the HNS Twitter and Facebook accounts by myself since August 2014, and it's been wonderful to have Elaine's help over the past few weeks. We spoke on the phone when Elaine first joined the team, and when she mentioned Triberr during our conversation about other things, I asked if she'd like to write a post for this blog. I don't know much about Triberr, at all, and I'm glad Elaine accepted, with such an informative post too. I can't wait to meet Elaine 'in real life' at the upcoming UK Historical Novel Society Conference in Oxford, 2-4 September 2016, if not before! I'm Publicity Officer for the conference; and you can find out more and book here: #HNSOxford16

Thank you so much Elaine for this post, and over to you... 

Growing Your Blog Audience: Triberr for Authors, by E.M. Powell

What is Triberr?

Many people, including generous fellow authors, are great at sharing blog posts. But getting such shares can rely on them seeing your posts on their Twitter feed. With Triberr, it’s one distinct source of blogs that you can see and share very easily. Triberr provide a better description than me:

Triberr is a social network for bloggers. The idea is to find other bloggers who write about the same topics. These writers group up in a tribe. Whenever one blogger writes a post, the others read, comment and share it with their social networks. Triberr does all the heavy lifting of importing everyone's latest content, aggregating it in an easy to read news feed, and scheduling sharing throughout the day.

How Triberr works
Essentially, Triberr is a reach multiplier for blogs and it uses Twitter. So for it to work as a social media tool for you, you need to be a blogger and be on Twitter.

Using Triberr really helps to get your blog reach up. The last blog post I published had what I would call the usual number of Triberr shares (7). When you add up the total of Twitter followers of those who shared the post, it achieved a Twitter reach of 30,000 followers. It would of course be nice if that number translated precisely into Pageviews for my blog post! But it certainly bumped them up. And the best part is, it’s little or no extra work.

How It Works:

Triberr Knowledge Base & FAQs

Triberr provide a full menu of Knowledge Base topics etc. on their website. But here’s my experience to add to that.

I’ve been on Triberr for a couple of years and am a member of two Tribes: Historical Fiction Folks and History-Writing and Reading Lovers. Both of those are for historical fiction writers. I simply created a Triberr account and followed those two Tribes. After I did a few shares of blog posts written by those Tribe members, I got offered membership of those Tribes.

I also started my own Tribe last year. It’s called Historical & Otherworldly Thrills.  My medieval Fifth Knight series has strong action/adventure/thriller elements and I wanted a Tribe that reflected those as well as historical fiction.  

Once you follow/are a member of a Tribe, you will see what’s called a Stream. This is just a list of blog posts (with links) by all members of that Tribe. (Followers can see the Stream and share posts only). Once you are a Member, the Stream will include any posts that you publish. Triberr automatically picks your posts up once you have published them.

Here’s a screenshot from my Historical & Otherworldly Thrills Stream. You can see posts by Tribe members and bloggers Charlene Newcomb and James Bicheno.

H&OT Tribe Screenshot
To share a post from Triberr, you just place your cursor over the green button and a tick will appear (don’t click!). I shared Charlene’s and James’s posts by doing that.

The posts (usually within a few minutes) then appear as a Tweet you have posted on your Twitter feed. It will include the Twitter handle of the blogger. You can see my Tweet of Charlene’s post (below) in the screenshot:
@empowellauthor Screenshot
And it really is that simple!

A Few Things to Note:

Triberr can be a bit flaky. You may find that your blog feed has stopped working and so you need to go in and refresh it from time to time.

Some bloggers like to interact and chat on Triberr. None of the Tribes I’m in do that, which is fine by me. I want Triberr to do the work for me and not become a social media tool that requires lots of time.

You can also set up an auto share facility. I’m a bit wary of that as I like to actually read what I’m sharing first. But lots of people do it.

This process has to be reciprocal, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Still interested? Here’s the link for those who want to find out more: How does Triberr Work?

If any bloggers/Tweeps write historical thrillers, then please feel free to come and follow Historical & Otherworldly Thrills and see what our posts are like. We’d be delighted to be able to add more members who are a good fit with our genre. If you’re not sure and would prefer to enquire by e-mail, you can contact me at

I hope this is another tool in the social media box for some people. Many thanks Anita for hosting this post!

Thank you so much for writing this post, Elaine! I must go and explore Triberr as it sounds like an effective way to get to know bloggers who write in the same genre or about the same period in history, as well as a way to share blog posts easily. Perhaps there might be an eighteenth century tribe I can join...

You can find out more about Elaine and her novels below, with links to her website, blog, Amazon pages and social media accounts:

E.M. Powell Bio:

E.M. Powell’s medieval thrillers The Fifth Knight and The Blood of the Fifth Knight have been #1 Amazon bestsellers. Born and raised in the Republic of Ireland into the family of Michael Collins (the legendary revolutionary and founder of the Irish Free State), she lives in northwest England with her husband, daughter and a Facebook-friendly dog. She blogs for EHFA, reviews and is part of the social media team for the Historical Novel Society, and contributes to The Big Thrill.

Book #3 in the series, The Lord of Ireland, is based on the disastrous 1185 campaign by the Lord John (youngest son of Henry II and future King of England) in Ireland. It will be published by Thomas & Mercer in March 2016.


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